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About General Liu, Dar-Yun

General Liu, Dar-Yun was born in 1932 in Henan Province, China. He graduated from Republic of China Military Academy and Armed Forces University War College.

He devoted to R.O.C. Air Force Defense for more than thirty-five years, from lieutenant to two-star lieutenant general as the commander of Antiaircraft Artillery. During his military career, he won the Armed Forces Golden Statues for invention twice.

General Liu was born in a scholarly family, and enjoyed Chinese art tremendously. He is especially fond of painting the plum blossom, which in Chinese culture symbolizes perseverance and fearlessness as it blooms in cold winter. During his military career, he received the Golden Eagle Award in Air Force Blue Sky Art Exhibition. After retiring from military, he dedicated himself to Chinese painting and calligraphy. He won numerous awards from Taiwan, China, Japan, and Singapore. His long scroll Chinese painting of plum blossom was collected in the Art Center New York. He received Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award from Allied Artists of America in 2011. His painting was exhibited with other Chinese artists in the Louvre Museum, France in 2014. The publication 畫梅話梅 is a collection of his paintings and literature review of plum blossom. He is the chief of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association and the honored leader of Chinese General and Professor Painting and Calligraphy Academy. General Liu is willing to dedicate himself to Chinese art development in the future.